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    Default Reborn Raid Alliance (Antonia Bayle)

    Greetings EQ2 Radiers,

    Reborn Alliance is recruiting experienced players for raiding on Friday and Saturday from 8:00 pm to 11:30 PM EST on the Antonia Bayle server. Our raid members consist of experienced players, returning players, and a few players semi new to the game (its not really a game; its a lifestyle).

    Raiding experience is not required however each player must have PoP expansion, be level 110 and have their Epic 2.0 or significant progress to completion. For the right player, we will waive the Epic 2.0 requirement long enough for you to fit into the raid and work on your Epic 2.0.

    We use Discord for voice and have an in game chat channel for helping members put together groups during non-raid times.

    Players are not required to leave their current guild, but are more than welcome to join Reborn (a fully functioning guild with all amenities). Most of our players come from a variety of different guilds.

    We run KA raid zones at least once every other week to assist raid members with their Epic 2.0 Mythical progression.

    Currently recruiting Coercers, Illusionists, and Beastlords. Other classes may be considered based on needs of the raid force.

    For more information please contact Mesan (alts Jaladar and Jaldador), Rubys or Mirteen in game.

    You can also visit our website and submit an application for membership. Please ensure your character shows on (that's the first place I will look to check out your gear).

    Website -

    Game hard and kill stuff.....

    Reborn Raid Alliance - Raid Leader
    Reborn - Guild Leader
    Troubador (yes I sing in game)
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