It was brought to my attention that some people wanted some clarification on how the scoring system works for raid progression. Here is a brief run down.

Each raid mob gets set a unique point value based on actively scored guilds. When an encounter is first killed it starts a 48 hour timer in which guilds have to also kill it in order to receive the same amount of points. This timer exists due to time zones and various patch schedules/downtime between NA and EUR servers. After this timer expires each kill is worth exactly 1 point less each time the encounter is defeated with guilds who killed it first obviously receiving the most points in descending order. As time passes and as more and more guilds continue to kill the encounters the point value decreases on the encounters. We tagged it encounter Trivialization. The guild kill order remains the same but the points earned are lessened gradually as the kills build up. An encounter bottoms out on points when 40% of guilds have killed it. After this point the point value is the same for every guild.

Guild A that got 1000 points 3 months ago and Guild B that got 999 points 3 months ago might now only have 300 points and 299 points. The order still exists for those guilds that killed it. This is done so that guilds CAN"T rely on clearing content early in an expansion and relying on those kills to stay at the top of the leader boards. The whole purpose of the rankings is to rank the top guilds overall that have killed the most content the quickest. So if Guild A suddenly is unable to clear content Guilds C, D, E, F, G have real opportunities to catch up and become top dogs. This is why some guilds will see small fluctuations in their scores. It is because other guilds have "trivialized" content that is becoming obsolete and a guild must "progress" to retain their rankings.

We experimented with timed degradation of encounters but even when converting the time to a standard PDT guilds in earlier time zones were still at an advantage. The most fair route was to base the points on completed encounters with the degradation coming when more guilds completed the content.

If you have any questions feel free to ask.

(Please note that all times are being converted to PDT (Pacific Daylight Time) so that the kills can be sorted under a single time zone. This might display earlier kill times for some guilds and not others. Every guild has this done so it is the same for everyone. The completed points are still based on the server times from Daybreak.)