A Brief History

Arcane Dawn is an Older EQ2 Guild that started on Neriak server, and merged to the eventual Maj'Dul Server. We've been playing MMOs for over 10 years with leadership equally experienced. We originally formed in 2005 on the forementioned server and took an extended break around CoE. With the Fallen Gate server launch, we've returned and are looking to once more do all that EQ2 has to offer. We're semi-hardcore and have full intentions to begin raiding when we fill out our raid force.

What we're looking for

For Raids: We have 4 slots left open for our raids that are reserved for:
- 1 Chain Healer
- 1 Leather Healer
- 2 Scout DPS
For backups we can always use more backup utility like dirge/troub and Coercer/Illy. We can also use more healers because currently we aren't at 100% on all raid nights. Level required for raids is 38+ at this time

For Guild: We don't have any class requirements but we do recommend those interested in joining be at least 10+ as most are at that level or working their way past it now.

Raid Times

Sundays and Tuesdays

What else we do
Heritage Quest Nights
Mentor Nights
Arena Nights coming Soon! (DoF Release)

We use Discord, Link

Have Questions? Feel free to PM me or one of the officers in game or reply to this post asking them. Interested in joining us? Pop into Discord and speak with one of the officers or myself and we'll be happy to answer any questions you have there! Thank you for your time and hope to see you in game!