So with the upcoming addition of a new TLE server comes the predicament of how to rank it. Setting up an all new progression page seems like a given but is it really the best way to go? I am starting to think more towards not so much. I am almost content with just adding a new server to the existing TLE page and basing rankings off the individual server. Both servers will catch up at some point and if there happens to be a merger down the road of both servers well that makes things that much easier. The problems with having ANOTHER seperate ranking page is more technical than anything. Right now there is LIVE, Current TLE and New TLE (future)...That's three entirely separate systems all running individually at set times on the server. Pulling data from the servers in near real time is a resource hog to say the least.

I'd like to gauge some input possibly from people on the TLE servers. Do you care if the new server is laid out like this:

Where instead of Stormhold it would be the new server Fallen Gate. All progression of that server would be primarily found in the "Server" pages. The server pages would be that servers "world rankings" until it catches up. Since both servers are TLE servers with the exact same content offerings and so I think this is the best method right now.

Yes I know, heritage quests will offer unique rewards but these will not make or break content on any server.

Feel free to chime in with your reasons.