Axiom is recruiting for [TLE] Fallen Gate
former Disturbance (and Strike) [TLE] Stormhold Swashbuckler EoF-SF

Recruiting: Swashbuckler, Druids, Enchanters, Bards, Mystic, Cleric

Raids start at 6:30pm PACIFIC STANDARD TIME (PST) and end 9:30 PST. We will be DKP and attendance starts at 7pm PST.

We are not using a website, but instead Discord. join our server, post an app, say hello...

Message me here, in Discord, or in game Stormhold.Venser, or when Fallen Gate launches on June 27th find Venser or another member of Axiom to contact.

Want server firsts and possible contested lockdowns? want your class discos for loot and sig lines? Want to join in with those who come from top guilds vanilla and the number 1 guild on Stormhold TLE and put a meaning behind Axiom? JOIN NOW!