Vex Thal is a progression raid guild currently recruiting select skilled classes to continue progressing through current expac content
currently we have t1 cleared flawless and all on farm and currently progressing through t2 and working on leveling ascensions for t3
our raid schedule is Sun-Tues-Thurs 7-10 Cst we of course take raiding seriously but we have a good time doing it! we offer groups
daily for rare items and resolve based items as well for those who enjoy grouping alot!
Currrently our recruiting is open to the follow for FULL time 100% raid attendance classes:
1 Ranger/ Brigand
1 Wizard or Warlock
1 Templar/ Inquis
1 Beastlord
1 Dirge
Other Classes based on skill and 100% raid attendance
Please Contact Daredevilx.Halls.of.Fate for more info