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    Default Vex Thal [Halls of Fate]

    Vex Thal is a progression raid guild scouting out good potential and select classes to continue our terror into t4 currently we raid sun tues and thurs 7-10pm CST raids form 25 mins prior to setup Heartbounds groups and destinations we have all t1 t2 and t3 on farm and currently progressing into the Expert raid zones and gearing up for T4 pulls soon! we welcome all casual and FNF players for heroics questing and crafting and anyone that just wants to enjoy the game and maybe get into raiding but below are a list of classes we are currently considering for our full time raid team! contact Daredevilx for any questions or concerns!

    Currently Looking For FULL TIME:


    Must have 250 Minimum resolve
    Epic/God spells upgraded
    Fully adorned and have Teamspeak 3
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