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Thread: KA Progression

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    Default KA Progression


    the german guild Unreal killed following mobs within a timeframe of about 5hours after Kunark Ascending went live on Tuesday the 15th:

    - Shanaira the Powermonger
    - Botanist Heridal
    - Guardian of Arcanna'se
    - Memory of the Stolen
    - Brutius the Skulk (also Flawless)
    - The Lumpy Goo (also Flawless)
    - Captain of the Guard
    - Strathbone Runelord
    - Valigez, the Entomber (also Flawless)
    - Danarium, the Crypt Keeper
    - The Black Reaver (also Flawless)
    - Chomp
    - The Gyrating Green Slime

    On Wednesday, the 16th following were killed by Unreal:

    - Anaheed the Dreamkeeper
    - Hobgoblin Anguish Lord
    - Amalgams of Order and Chaos

    Please be so kind and adapt, if you can, that is.

    Thank you very much.

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    Also regarding to new announced on this site:

    Due to an exploit that broke the encounter for "The Kly" in the Dalnir raid zone all kills prior to the Dec 6th patch have been removed as the encounter was not working as intended. Daybreak has reset the achievement ID for this encounter within the game itself and as such we have changed the ID in our database to reflect this change. I assume guilds would rather not want to have an asterisk by their name permanently for this encounter so all kills have been reset and will properly update once the guild has completed the encounter as intended.

    Also, as a side note, please not resubmit exploited kills. All kills prior to December 6th for this encounter will just get deleted.

    Good luck raiders!



    For clarification: there was no exploit involved killing this encounter - it had no script in the first place.
    This IS a major difference and it would be nice to actually change the original announcement regarding this.

    Plus, also ditch Musketeer's kill on Thurgadin which happened on December 2nd.

    Can`t really blame anyone except Daybreak for shipping unfinished content (again).

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    Fair enough. I was under the assumption it was a fixed exploit. Irregardless of the circumstances the change was big enough to warrant an achievement reset from within the game. The only time when a progression kill is reset on EQ-Raiders is when a mob has its achievement ID reset because of an encounter not working as intended. Small fixes here and there in the past have not had this happen. But, there has been a couple instances with new ID's being issued for rather large mechanical problems.

    Post has been tweaked to convey that.


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    Amalgams kills many guild when resolve been not correct (375 - 515) - not delete
    Sister was kills many guild before fix - It does not work properly,but now its so hard script - not delete
    Lord Ghiosk kill 2-3 guild before fix, after he was removed in zone - not delete
    Xzalgoz befor 6th dec fix - It does not work properly we died about 3% on 14.14 min (no adds no bans targets) but now it very expensive encounter - add adds and now target stun\stifle and, + 12 min dedline about kill raid dps increased about 1 billion but we can't kill on 12 min check and died on 35% - BUT - NOT DELETE ACH
    I believe that the achievement should not be reset, or reset everything, and already there to show who is steeper

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