the german guild Unreal killed following mobs within a timeframe of about 5hours after Kunark Ascending went live on Tuesday the 15th:

- Shanaira the Powermonger
- Botanist Heridal
- Guardian of Arcanna'se
- Memory of the Stolen
- Brutius the Skulk (also Flawless)
- The Lumpy Goo (also Flawless)
- Captain of the Guard
- Strathbone Runelord
- Valigez, the Entomber (also Flawless)
- Danarium, the Crypt Keeper
- The Black Reaver (also Flawless)
- Chomp
- The Gyrating Green Slime

On Wednesday, the 16th following were killed by Unreal:

- Anaheed the Dreamkeeper
- Hobgoblin Anguish Lord
- Amalgams of Order and Chaos

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