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03-27-2016, 01:15 PM
http://www.eq-raiders.com/forum/vbtube/upload/thumb_link/7390_9025.jpg (http://www.eq-raiders.com/forum/vbtube_show.php?tubeid=19&sti=EverQuest-II-Chains-of-Eternity-Expansion-OFFICIAL-TRAILER)

This is the 9th expansion of the revolutionary EverQuest II franchise. This expansion contains must-have features such as level increases, prestige abilities and new game items only available with this expansion, such as adornments that become more powerful with your character. Also, explore new content in two overlands in the spirit realm, and experience adventure with new dungeons and quests. Put right the imbalance in the Ethernere!

http://www.eq-raiders.com/forum/vbtube/images/play_thread.png (http://www.eq-raiders.com/forum/vbtube_show.php?tubeid=19&sti=EverQuest-II-Chains-of-Eternity-Expansion-OFFICIAL-TRAILER)