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  1. Welcome to EQ2zone.com!
  2. EQ2zone.com - Eq2zone.com is on hiatus
  3. Double Threat Loot Tournament Weekend, March 22-23!
  4. Live Update #44 Draws Near! (Visual Preview!)
  5. Blogs and Users - Fixed
  6. Final Additions and Software has been installed
  7. EQ2zone.com is 'Brick'-aware.
  8. EQ2zone.com Raid Submissions
  9. Profiles should be repaired.
  10. Forums have been altered
  11. Latest Additions: Pawbuster and Leviathan
  12. Kluzen The Protector added, more coming soon.
  13. Elder Ekron Added from Veeshan's Peak.
  14. Avatar Encounters and the rest of Veeshan's Peak
  15. Nexona strategy available!
  16. Updated Forum Permissions...
  17. Veeshan's Peak - Wing 2 completed
  18. Byzola strategy and information added!
  19. Aggressive Banning and Filtering of E-mail Registrations
  20. Videos of Raids Added
  21. Shard of Hate Completed
  22. Member Pruning...
  23. Blogs Should Be Working..
  24. Raid Mob Database populating for TSO has began!!!
  25. Zarrakon Revealed...
  26. Fireflyte Discussed the crit mitigation on gear, what does it mean for TSO?
  27. Ykesha's Inner Stronghold - Zone Preview
  28. Palace of the Ancient One
  29. Beginning to add TSO mob information
  30. Protector's Realm Finished
  31. Find yourself a good raiding guild in Norrath
  32. Veeshan's Peak and Temple of Kor'Sha Finished
  33. Palace of the Ancient One getting filled up!
  34. Pentaclypse added!
  35. Mynzak Strategy Added
  36. Registrations
  37. Preview Video For Kurn's Tower
  38. Ykesha's Inner Stronghold
  39. New EQ2 Expansion Announced! Sentinel's Fate!
  40. New Raid Zones Added!
  41. Thet Em Aua and Xebnok are updated
  42. New Strategies uploaded, and more coming.
  43. Anashti Strategy Uploaded!! Munzok's Bastion is started.
  44. User Database Has Been Pruned
  45. Small Mob Update
  46. Avatar Strategies
  47. (x2) Raid Zones Will Be Making Their Appearances.
  48. Site Enhancements and New Features On Their Way (Arcade is no longer restricted!)
  49. Improving Raid Mob Thumbnails
  50. Arcade Reset and Misc Mobs Updated
  51. Updates for Sentinel's Fate!
  52. The Vigilant: Final Destruction Preview
  53. Parah'Celsis Abominable Laboratory Preview (x4 zone)
  54. The Palace of Roehn Theer - Part 1 Preview
  55. Strategy Creation
  56. First Three in Lair of The Dragon Queen
  57. Palace of Roehn Theer being filled
  58. Server Upgrades
  59. Palace of Roehn Theer Updates.
  60. Updates and Upgrades coming to Profiles!!!
  61. The Vigilant: Final Destruction completed!
  62. Many strategies had videos attached and some Roehn Theer goodness!
  63. Community Gallery Added to EQ2zone!
  64. Pending User Accounts All Approved...
  65. User accounts not kept current will be pruned..
  66. Recruitment Forums
  67. The Hole: Underfoot Depths (Wing One) Completed
  68. Profile upgrades going into effect
  69. Reminder: Adding Strategies
  70. More mobs going up from Underfoot Wing 2
  71. Upgrades This Weekend
  72. Upgrades Complete
  73. Registrations Should Be Fixed
  74. Zraxths Unseen Arcanum (x2) has been added!
  75. Congratulations EQ2zone!
  76. Template fixes and accounts
  77. EQ2zone.com is moving!
  78. UltraMMO Transition Nearly Complete
  79. Video Specific Sections
  80. First round of mobs added to the database
  81. Destiny of Velious raid strategies are being added!
  82. Taking applications for Moderator Positions
  83. Ultra[MMO] Welcomes EQ2talk!
  84. Broken Images..
  85. Fortress of Drunder Raid Zones Added
  86. Welcome goes out to Sanction
  87. Citadel of Vuul (x2) Has Been Added!
  88. Sullon and Tallon raid instances being populated
  89. Vallon's Tower Courtesy of Sanction
  90. Top Sites List goes live
  91. EQ2 - Citadel of V'uul 100% completed
  92. Welcome Nyquist
  93. Guild Recruitment Forums Reset
  94. Welcome to EQ-Raiders, formerly Ultra[MMO].
  95. The Sleeper's Tomb Added
  96. Chains of Eternity content sections awaiting strategy info!!
  97. New and Improved Raid Hub Has Been Released
  98. EQ-Raiders to host new raid guild progression website
  99. New Dreadcutter Raid Zone
  100. Anti-Spammer System Less Hardcore...
  101. Guild Progression Rankings Are Available!!
  102. Website Migrated to a new more powerful server
  103. Scars of the Awakened has launched!
  104. EQ-Raiders Video Directory
  105. Registration Issues
  106. Congratulations to Equilibrium...
  107. Siren's Grotto Cleared - Grats Equilbrium and Дрэд Арми (Dread Army)
  108. SOE Reveals Avatar Spawn Mechanics
  109. Bristlebane's Kill Value Removed
  110. Recruiting Guilds and Players LFG
  111. New Website Style is currently being tested
  112. Updates to Guild Progession with the new expansion
  113. TOV content now seperate progression
  114. Tears of Veeshan Content Is Open For Discussion
  115. Raid Content Updated For Tears of Veeshan
  116. Progression Repair Progress
  117. Guild Progression Active Once Again
  118. Verify Previous Expansion Kills
  119. New Raid Zone Added: Dreadscale's Maw
  120. The Fabled Deathtoll Beckons!!!
  121. Donation Button on EQ-Raiders.com
  122. Have a Twitch.tv stream?
  123. Twitch.tv streams being implemented
  124. Preview the Twitch.tv EQ-Raiders Dashboard
  125. Altar of Malice Updates and other stuff
  126. Progression Running
  127. Internet Explorer Fixed (mostly)
  128. Perador has points!!
  129. Trimming Inactive Guilds
  130. Inactive Guilds
  131. Strategies Being Added For Altar of Malice
  132. Navigational fixes on the progression pages
  133. Avatars added to Precipice of Power
  134. EQ-Raiders Upgrading
  135. FIxing Issues With Census
  136. Server move complete!!
  137. Raid strategies are being imported
  138. "Time Locked Progression Server" Rankings Coming?
  139. Time Locked Progression Server Ranks Added
  140. Progression Maintenance
  141. Site Updates... Update!
  142. To all the Stormhold players on the TLE server.
  143. Echoes of Faydwer raid strategies being updated.
  144. Guild Purge
  145. Guild Recruiting Threads and Player LFG Threads Trimmed
  146. Strategies Hitting!
  147. Kunark Ascending rankings and census updates
  148. The Kly Achievements Reset For Broken Encounter (Dec 6th)
  149. Achievement issue for new Expert Raids
  150. Setri Lureth and Flawless Achievements
  151. Heart of Nightmares Raid Zone strategies added
  152. New TLE server... ideas on implementation.
  153. Fallen Gate server added to TLE progression.
  154. Refresher on how scoring works
  155. The Summoned Foes Flawless Achievement Broken
  156. Inactive guild purge coming soon
  157. Congrats goes out to Dread Army on Thurgadin!
  158. Manual kill submissions have been fixed.
  159. [TLE] Progression Update: Stormhold will be removed soon.